Dr. David Goiz Martínez was born on February 2, 1988 in Santa Clara Coatitla, Estado de Mexico. The same year the Biomagnetic Pair was discovered.

He studied elementary, middle school and high school in the metropolitan area of Mexico City. Later, he enrolled at “Don Santiago Ramón y Carbajal” Medical School at West Hill University located in Santa Fe, Mexico City. He underwent several rotations during his training, including his residency at the Fernando Quiróz Hospital (part of the ISSTE system) and his social service at the Maquixco Disperse Rural Service Center in Teotihuacán, Estado de Mexico. He was already using magnets to treat people when he was doing his residency at the latter. He studied for 6 and half years and completed his degree, becoming an Obstetric Surgeon in 2012, holding the professional license # 08751487.

He later enrolled at the National Polytechnic Institute (IPN) in a Physics and Mathematics degree program, searching to increase his knowledge to provide substantiation to Dr. Isaac Goiz Durán´s discovery.

In 2013 he begins collaborating directly with his father, Dr. Isaac Goiz Durán, and learning about the Biomagnetic Pair directly from him. During the time he worked with Dr. Isaac Goiz Durán, he also carried out his own research on Biomagnetism and in 2014 developed the Leg Shortening Theory based on the Magnetoreception concept.

Currently he is credited with writing two training manuals, a tool that provides a complete learning experience on the Biomagnetic Pair technique, covering two levels Biomagnetism and Bioenergetics. He also developed an app on scanning points and Biomagentic Pairs for Apple IOS systems available for Mac devices.

At the moment, he works at the Biomagnetism Research Institute (BRI) as physician-researcher of the Biomagnetic Pair Theory and treats clients using the Biomagnetic Pair technique in Mexico City. In addition he is a speaker at Biomagnetic Pair conferences throughout the world.