About Dr David Goiz

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Dr. David Goiz Martínez Biography

Dr. David Goiz Martínez was born in Santa Clara Coatitla, Estado de Mexico on February 2, 1988, the same year of the Biomagenetic Pair discovery.

He studied elementary, middle school and high school in the metropolitan area of Mexico City. In 2006 he entered Medical School attending Don Santiago Ramón y Carbajal at West Hill University located in Santa Fe, Mexico City. He underwent several rotations during his training, including his residency at the Fernando Quiróz Hospital (part of the ISSTE system) and his social service at the Maquixco Disperse Rural Service Center in Teotihuacán, Estado de Mexico. At this latter location he was already using magnets to treat people. After 6 years of academic studies, he received the title of Obstetric Surgeon in 2012, professional license number 08751487.

Later he attends the National Polytechnic Institute (IPN) to study a Physics and Mathematics degree, looking to increase his knowledge in order to provide justification for his father´s discovery. However, he only studied one year and did not complete the degree.

In 2013 he accompanied Dr. Isaac Goiz Durán, his father, while he gave courses between 2013 and 2014 to learn everything about the subject in order to do research later on.

In 2014 he developed the Leg Shortening Theory basing his findings in the concept of Magnetoconception. This concept is founded on the way the Cerebral Amygdala process Fear. Dr. David Goiz Martinez officially presents the theory in Concord, CA during Dr. Isaac Goiz Durán Second Level course number 102 on November 3, 2014.

He has given two Biomagnetic Pair courses, First Level, in Austin and Houston, Texas, training more than 100 Biomagnetism students.

He currently works as physician-researcher of the Biomagnetic Pair at the Medical Biomagnetism Research Center (CIBM), headquartered in Mexico City, and his findings are a contribution to the Biomagnetic Pair Theory.