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This are some recommendations and clarifications about the biomagnetic pair technique:

1. Biomagnetists listed herein are individuals who have studied under Dr. Isaac Goiz Durán or have completed authorized courses.

2. Providing diagnoses and/or short to long term forecasts is prohibited, as is also falsely providing hope of a cure.

3. During any Biomagnetic Pair technique session, it is never necessary to remove the client’s clothing or to touch the individual in an inappropriate manner.

4. Charging clients large sums of money is strictly prohibited.

5. The Biomagnetic Pair is a facilitative technique aimed at maintaining or reestablishing good health and wellbeing. Providing medical advice or interfering with medical decisions is strictly prohibited. Such as in the case of, for example, advising against undergoing surgery, changing medication dosages, delaying predetermined treatments, etc.

6.  Biomagnetism and Bioenergetics are part of the Biomagneic Pair technique and are not guessing techniques. They should not be used to influence a person’s decision making process.

7. Remote or long distance scans (Telebioenergetics) should only be done on specific cases in which the client is unable to be at the session, and therefore magnets can’t be placed on that individual’s body, due to special circumstances or to legal reasons. For example, because individual has unstable vital signs, is undergoing chemotherapy, radiation therapy, is pregnant, is undergoing fertility therapy, uses a pacemaker, or has implanted ferromagnetic or electronic devices. Individuals that have a prosthesis, valves or other implants can be scanned using the Biomagnetic Pair technique, so long as these are not ferromagnetic. Remote or long distance scanning should not be used excessively mainly to avoid misinterpretations and as to not affect the health of the Biomagnetist.

8. If there is no improvement in the symptoms or disease after two or three sessions, we recommend seeking different Biomagnetist, discontinue the Biomagnetism scans or continue with scans so long as doing so is financially feasible for the individual.

9. The Biomagnetic Pair technique has been successful in countless cases, however there’s always a possibility that the symptoms, disease, rehabilitation, illness sequels will improve nor that a definite cure will be achieved. The Biomagnetic Pair technique can be used as a preventive measure by undergoing scans every 6 months, when there are no symptoms present or an underlying disease. In more severe cases or chronic degenerative diseases, such as Diabetes Mellitus, scans can be done for prophylactic purposes as often as once a month.

10. Using the Directory, as well as Biomagnetist selection, are solely the responsibility of the user. Therefore, we are not responsible for any damages related or caused by the Biomagnetist you have selected.